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Competition results

The results to the music competition and dance competition are now available.

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Schedule changes

The schedule of events has changed. We no longer have any events on Monday. Please have a look at the schedule for details.

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Sangeetha Sangamam

As Carnatic music spreads across the world, we're seeing musicians in different countries taking up this musical style. Sangeetha Sangamam is an attempt by the Aradhana Committee to showcase the talent of musicians in North America alongside musicians from India, performing together in concert. It is also to show that the rising talent in North America is equal to the talent available in India.

Putting together two different musicians from two different continents trained in two different styles of music seems like a recipe for disaster. However, the beauty of Carnatic performance is that even under constraints like this, there is tremendous scope for creativity.

With differing styles, the manodharma aspect of concert performance predominates. With two main artists plus accompanists, there is much more opportunity for interplay between performers, rapid-fire bursts of creativity, and artists playing off of one another, leading to a happy confluence of minds and musical styles.

We expect an exciting series of concerts unlike anything seen before.

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Competition Results

The results of the 2010 music competition are now available.

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