2011 Carnatic Music Idol USA

Rules and Regulations

  1. The participant should be between the ages of 5 and 25 to participate.
  2. Participants will be divided into two categories by age: 5-14, and 15-25.
  3. The competition is open only to vocalists.
  4. The participant will have to clear the preliminary round before entering the main stage in front of the panel judges.
  5. The participant should be prepared with three krithis/keerthanas in three different ragas to perform for the competition. The judges may select any part from any of the 3 listed items for the preliminary and main stage selections.
  6. The duration of every participant's performance in front of the judges is solely the judge's discretion.
  7. No one else, apart from the participant, can be on stage before, after, or during the performance.
  8. The participant should be traditionally dressed, as and how she/he will appear for an Indian classical concert.
  9. The participant should carry his/her own sruthi box / tambura with proper cables and adaptors. We will provide only power points.
  10. There will be no accompaniments provided for the preliminary level contests. Accompaniments will be provided only for the final stages.
  11. Preliminary round may be preceded by a screening round, depending on the number of entries received for the preliminary round. In such a case, the screening will take place the day before the preliminary round or a date announced by the local host organization.
  12. The Judges' decision will be final in all cases. No arguments, disputes, or conversation with the panel will be entertained.
  13. The judges/organizers have the right to disqualify any participant on the grounds of misbehavior, violation of the rules, misconduct, disrespect to the judges, or not meeting the requirements of the competition.
  14. If the selected participants fail to report to the next round, the opportunity will be given to the immediate wait-listed candidate chosen/reserved by the judges.
  15. The Grand Finale will be held in the Bay Area in California. The participants must be willing to travel to the preliminary contest centers and to the Bay Area to participate in the final, as necessary, at their own expense.
  16. After the preliminary round, 10 contestants will be selected from each center, making a total of 40 contestants for the final round to be held in the Bay Area.
  17. The above listed rules are for the preliminary selections only. If selected for the finals, the rules will be slightly changed and will be intimated at the appropriate time.
  18. The local host organization may charge an entry fee for participating in the preliminary round solely at their discretion. The entry fee, if any, is not refundable.
  19. The participant's visibility on television during the telecast is solely at the discretion of Jaya TV. The participant, parent, or guru, will not have any claims about appearance, non-appearance, or duration of appearance whatsoever.
  20. All the rules mentioned above shall apply uniformly across all centers in North America.
  21. Should there be any changes to the rules, it will be communicated by the local host organization.
  22. All legal disputes will be settled under Chennai jurisdiction.