Arulvaay Arumugane

One of the themed programs this year is by Smt. T.V. Sundaravalli. Arulvaay Arumugane (Tamil: அருள்வாய் ஆறுமுகனே) is a concert that will revolve around songs about Lord Murugan.

Murugan is predominantly a South Indian god. He appears prominently in Tamil literature and traditions. He is recognized in other parts of India, but is not accorded the same importance that he is in the South. Thiruppugazh (Tamil: திருப்புகழ்) are a collection of religious songs written in Tamil by the poet Arunagirinathar in praise of Lord Murugan.

Smt. Sundaravalli has devoted her life to Bhakti music. She has done a lot of research on Thiruppugazh and is an acknowledged expert in the field. Her program will mainly feature songs about Lord Murugan, and will include several songs from Thiruppugazh as well.