Sustaining Sampradaya 2014

The Aradhana Committee continues its education series Sustaining Sampradaya, for its eighth year. Although the deadline for applying has passed, you can still view the announcement for applications.

This year, we once again feature two themed programs:

Tribute to Ramnad Krishnan

Ramnad Sri Krishnan is considered to be a musician's musician. With his strict adherence to classicism and tremendous vidwat, he left an indelible mark on the art form. The Aradhana Committee, in consultation with senior vidwans and vidushis, has put together a very special concert invoking memories of this great musician.

The music lessons for this program are available for download.

Tribute to Lalgudi Jayaraman

The year 2013 saw the loss of the violin legend, Lalgudi Sri G. Jayaraman. Through his career, he not only elevated the violin to the forefront as both an accompanying and solo instrument in music concerts, he also transformed the world of Bharathanatyam through his innovative compositions of varnams and thillanas. The Aradhana Committee, with the active involvement of senior musicians, has put together a concert that highlight both the distinct "Lalgudi bani", as well as his compositions.

The music lessons for this program are available for download.