Recordings of Pancharathna krithis

According to tradition, the Festival celebration includes a group rendition of the Pancharathna krithis.

To ensure that everyone can sing together, we have provided a recording of all the pancharathnams, and two additional krithis that are traditionally rendered before them. If you would like to join the group in their rendition, please follow along the style of the recording provided here.

Pancharathna Krithis

  1. Jagadaanandakaarakaa — Naattai
  2. Dhudukoogala — Gowlai
  3. Saadhinchane — Aarabhi
  4. Kanakanaruchiraa — Varaali
  5. Endaro Mahaanubhaavulu — Sri

The songs were all performed by Sri T.M. Krishna (Vocal), Sri R.K. Shriram Kumar (violin), and Sri Arun Prakash (mridangam), and were recorded on January 18, 2005.

All recordings are encoded in MP3 format.