Donate to the Aradhana Committee

As a volunteer-run organization with limited sponsorship and revenue, the Aradhana Committee depends on your generosity to maintain the magnitude and momentum of the Cleveland Festival.

There are various ways to contribute to the Festival. We are a registered 501(c)(3) organization (tax ID 34-1806829).

Checks in favor of the Aradhana Committee will happily be accepted at the festival; you can hand them to a volunteer at one of the tables, or drop it in a hundi box.

If your employer offers matching grants for charitable contributions, we will be happy to work with you to file the necessary paperwork to obtain the matching contributions. Please e-mail Roger Natarajan ( for more information on matching grants.

You can also make a donation online:


Please see our volunteering page for information on how to donate your time to our organization.


For a one-time contribution to the Aradhana Committee, you can become a patron of the Cleveland Thyagaraja Festival.

Patrons receive 4 patron badges. The badges are valid for the life of the patron, and allow entry to all concerts at the Festival. Patrons will be seated in the first few rows (behind the front 2 rows reserved for artists and other special guests). The passes can be used by the patron, as well as accompanying family and friends.

Patrons will also be recognized in our annual commemorative brochure.

For details on how to become a patron, please contact Roger Natarajan (

Prize Sponsorships

You can sponsor prizes for the music or dance competitions, either as an earmarked donation, or as a named prize for a specific category.

Prize sponsorships will specifically be recognized in our commemorative brochure.

For further details on prize sponsorship, please contact Radhika Balasubramaniam (

Meal Sponsorship

Anna dhanam is a time-honored tradition. You can sponsor a meal or a day's meals at the Festival. Sponsored meals will be provided for free to attendees, instead of at the usual nominal charge.

We will place a sign at the meal service counter stating the names of the donors. Meal sponsorships will also be recognized in our brochure. If you wish, you can help to serve the meal to attendees as well.

For further details on meal sponsorship, please contact Radhika Balasubramaniam (