Advertising at the Festival

The Cleveland Thyagaraja Festival attracts a wide variety of attendees who share in common an abiding interest in the arts and the willingness to spend time supporting classical music, dance, and related arts.

The Festival is an incredible opportunity to reach out to this group of people.

To advertise at the Festival, please e-mail R. Balasubramaniam ( for details, rates, restrictions, etc. All advertisements and vendor stalls must be pre-approved before they can be installed. Approval must be obtained in writing in order to participate.

Vendor Stalls

A limited number of vendors may set up stalls at the Festival venue to cater to attendees of the festival. The products and/or services offered must be appropriate to an event of this nature, and must be pre-approved by the Aradhana Committee. Due to limited space and University regulations, only arts-related stalls are allowed. Groceries, clothing, jewelery, food, etc. are not permitted.

Tables and locations will be assigned.

Banner Advertisements

There are several prominent locations in the atrium outside the main concert hall to hang up banners and signs that are visible to the entire crowd of attendees. The advertiser is responsible for setting up and removing banners without damaging University property.

Please inquire for details and prices.

Commemorative Brochure

Our commemorative brochure contains contributed articles, featured writings and artwork about music and the classical arts, as well as general cultural topics. It is the perfect place to display an adverisement for your business, or even a personal message to show your support of the Festival.

3,000 copies will be printed and distributed for free at the festival. The brochure is 8½″ × 11″ in size.

Please inquire for prices and positioning.

All ads must be camera-ready and received by March 1.